Solitaire «Freecell»

Solitaire (also known as "Freecell") is our third kind of solitaire.
Your task in this game is to spread cards out in the sequence from ace to king. The solitaire successfully combines high complexity ( more difficult than "Klondike"), full information and the smallest percent of combinations which can't be put. We recommend you to play it online on your work breaks and also to play it at home by free.

Rules Of Solitaire "Freecell"

The ways of playing solitaire

In the classical version of Freecell which is possible to play here, in our website, it is necessary to gather all cards from ace, two, three... to king. It's impossible to move small packs, if all 4 free cells are full. You can move one card from one column or a free cell, but if you want to transfer a small pack you can do it only one by one using empty columns and free cells. If you have 3 empty free cells, you can move a small pack with 3 cards. The standard pack (52 cards) is used there. All pack is spread out by face up in 8 columns. Thus, there will be 4 columns with 7 cards and four more ones - with 6. Also, there are 4 cells called "house" (on the right top corner), and 4 "free cells" (on the left top corner). At the beginning of the game all of them are empty.

In solitaire "Freecell" sometimes you can move your cards which close other cards on a table.
It is allowed to move one card from a column or free cell:

  • to any other column - on the card of higher suit with other color(for example, black jack goes only on red queen);
  • on a free cell if it's empty (thus, each of free cells can keep only one card);
  • to an empty column - without restrictions;
  • to "house" — cards with one suit, from ace to king.
The solitaire Freecell is converged if it's possible to move all pack to "house".

Freecell also differs from the majority of solitaires in color's alternation. This feature proved its popularity in Klondike, Canfield and many other solitaires. Color's alternation gives a wider range of games to a player than games where cards should be put strictly with one suit. The chance to win using such way is definitely higher for you.

Different Kinds Of Solitaire "Freecell"

The simplest game is Freecell, in which cards are put serially changing their colors. We present you exactly this variant of solitaire. Klondike is more difficult version of the solitaire is in which black jack can be put on black queen. Color of the card doesn't change when you move it.

Marseille is one more version of the game "Freecell" in which cards are displayed by picture up in 7 columns with 7 cards. The last 3 cards are put into a bottom of any columns (one or several), it's up to your choice. It's possible to use only three free cells (but not four as in standard rules). If you are tired to play Freecell try to play solitaire Spider with 4 suits - the difficulty is the same!

Solitaire" Freecell" History

The original game "Freecell" was created by Paul Alfille in the middle of 1970's. It was written using Tutor language, specially developed for university in Illinois. The original game "Freecell" was very saturated (for those times), showing parameters of game's versions, weekly tournaments and also various statistical information. There were a lot of of people who played this solitaire, and the list was really impressive.

However, the main world popularity of Freecell goes to Jim Horn who had written the version of this game for Microsoft. This version of the game found the way to Windows, and the rest is just a history.

General Rules Of Freecell and Advices From Us

it's possible to put any card into a free cell.
You push the button "Autopass" (automatically) to deal aces and any other cards into the house.
The card can be put on other card only if this card has less suit than other one and goes with suit's alternation.
To move the small pack with 5 cards it's necessary to have all opened free cells, and one of small packs must be empty on a table.
Several cards can be moved once, only if all cards are located in correctly order (with seniority decrease and suits' alternation).
You need to watch cards attentively and try to think of several leads forward (as in chess). Obvious leads are not always correct.
To appear aces quickly in the house, to be easier to gather a solitaire.
Don't occupy free cells (4 ones in the left top corner) without urgent need. It reduces the number of cards in storage in shifting time.
One free column will be more important in the field than one free cell, as free column increases twice the number of moving cards. It is called a super lead.
There is one more advice about free column: if you have a rather long sequence of cards on your table which is starts from king, you can move it on a free column.

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