Solitaire "Spider"

Spider (eng. "Spider") is the second kind of solitaire.

Your task here is to spread out cards in the sequence from ace to king. If in this process you notice that there is nothing left to move, press a pack in the left bottom corner, and at the same time 10 cards will be added. Solitaire is recommended to spread out in your breaks between work and also just to relax or stop smoking.

Rules Of Solitaire "Spider"

What to do in this game

Solitaire Spider is a gambling where the purpose is to gather all cards in small packs from king to two and to cover two by ace. As soon as the small pack is collected on a table, for example king, queen... two, ace, all small pack will be removed from the table. As soon as all cards disappear from the table, this solitaire is converged.

Solitaire "Spider" is played by two packs, it means you use 104 cards. In the beginning 54 cards are spread out in 10 columns. The first 4 columns are with 6 cards and other ones are with 5 cards. All cards in these columns are turned face down except the top ones. The top cards with one in each column lie with their upside. The rest 50 cards are replaced in a pack which is in the bottom of the screen.

It is possible to play Spider in three various ways which influence on complexity of a game: beginner, advanced and expert player. For the beginner in online solitaire all 104 cards have the same suits, this game is called " Spider with one suit". In a game's version for advanced players ( Spider with two suits) there are suits such as hearts and peaks. And in a game's version for experts you will see 4 kinds of suits. The number of cards on a table doesn't change, it's 104 cards.

If you play with one suit

This game begins with 10 opened cards on a table. it is necessary to find serial combinations in these 10 opened cards and to put them from the oldest (king) to the youngest one (two which still needs to be covered with ace at the end). In other words, the card can always be moved on the other card with smaller advantage. For example, 4 it is possible to put only on 5, and all combination 5+4 you can put only on 6 and so on.

Pay your attention that the combination with such cards as 9+8+7+6 can be moved and 9+8+king+4+3 is not possible. But in the second variant you can take 4+3 and move them on 5.

The solitaire purpose is to collect a full small pack from king to two with ace on your table. As soon as the small pack is collected, it leaves the table.

You can also mix one card or an incomplete small pack to the place of an empty column regardless of suit and value of the card.

If available combinations of opened cards are ended, you need to click the pack which is in the left bottom corner of your screen. After that, new 10 cards will be opened, which will cover the cards lying in 10 columns on a table.

Collected small pack with king, queen... two, ace is automatically disappeared from a screen.

Solitaire "Spider" with 2 and 4 suits

Rules are the same but with some additions. In the playing process you can put cards with different suits on each other. For example: the two of hearts can be put on the three of peaks. Red cards are on black ones and vice versa, only in such sequence. However, in general, this combination is still temporary, as the final pack has to consist only of cards with one suit. As for movement of small packs it is possible to move ones in which cards are situated in correct order of seniority and at the same time have one color. For example, a small pack "queen of peaks, jack of peaks, ten of peaks" you can move, but the small pack of "queen of peaks, jack of hearts, ten of peaks you can't.

A version of Spider with 4 suits has already done and you can play it.

Rating Of Solitaire "Spider"

Points in solitaire "Spider" are counted differently and rating is built differently in various ways too. We follow the simple rule in creation of coolness of our players - the quicker the player collects a solitaire, the quicker he thinks. Though we follow such rule, in the near future we will pass to system of calculation of leads. If a player leads less it is better for him: +1 for the lead, +1 for the hint, +1 for cancellation of the lead.

Features Of Our Game

We added new functionality to Spider, you won't find it anywhere on online services - it is solitaire on all full screen! This function is very convenient, especially for owners of laptops whose small screens don't always show all contents of the web page. We have unique deals for Spider with 2 suits which will help even the beginners to collect a solitaire.

Our solitaire Spider is almost always converged. Over time we delete deals from our base, which players can't collect and leave only those which have already converged by someone. So crowd sourcing helps not only to fill the base, but also filters the deals which can't be spread out.

We don't take money for a game therefore it is possible to play solitaire Spider absolutely free.

Our solitaire is a cross-platform, so you can play it on the computer and on the smart phone (iphone or android). You can play FreeCell too.

Designers worked hard making a pack, therefore you can check the beauty of a pack, its convenience when you play the game on the computer or using the smart phone, where presentation and size of the cards directly influence on an usability of this solitaire.

For now you can't keep the opened deal on a table, but you can remember the number of this deal and replay it in any moment. The last 20 deals, which are given to you for collecting are available in your own online back office in a case you have entered on the website using social networks.

A registration of users allows you to participate in rating with other players. You can check the most popular and the most difficult deals and try to improve their results.

The full list of solitaire "Spider" life hacks

Difficulty levels

Spider Solitaire traditionally has 3 difficulty levels. This version of the popular puzzle game is played with 2 suits instead of one, making it much more difficult than the card game Spider Solitaire.

Just like in regular Spider Solitaire, the goal is to create stacks of cards (of the same suit) in descending order to eiliminate them from the tableau. You may place any 2 cards in descending order--but the above cards will become "inactive" (grayed out) if the two cards don't match suits.

Convergence Of Spider

There is an opinion that any solitaire is converged in any case if you spread it out correctly. It concerns an one-suited Spider if, at first, a player doesn't make mistakes and at second, a card deal is generated especially and is subordinated to some rules. The first rule depends on you only, the second one - on us. If we and you do our job correctly, the game is converged. It is necessary to notice that convergence of solitaire Klondike is much higher, therefore it is stronger appreciated by players.

There is a mathematical model which we use in a deal of cards (more correct to say - in a generation of a deal), on which our Spider is almost always converged (99%). Though, we write 100%, it's not absolutely true.

More about convergence of solitaire Spider

Strategy of the game

To converge the solitaire it is necessary to follow these rules:

1) At first, try to sort the longest small packs

2) Before spread out next 10 cards on a table try to move most fully all cards on each other

3) If an empty small pack (without cards) has appeared on your table, don't hurry to move king on its place. It is better to put there the card which disturbs (closes) one of the small packs, without allowing this small pack to move.

More about Spider strategy

Different Kinds Of Solitaire "Spider"

The simplest game is Spider with one suit. It's played by 104 cards, all cards with one suit.

More difficult solitaires with 2 and 4 cards (the rules you can see below).

If you are tired to spread Spider, try to play solitaire Klondike!

Also, we have another kinds of solitaire Spider.

General Rules Of Spider And Some Life Hacks

Clear all cards from the game by grouping all cards in sets of 13 in suit and in sequence from King to Ace.

Groups of cards in the correct order and the same suit can be moved as 1 unit. You can only move a card or a sequence on a card if that is 1 higher in sequence (independent of suit). You can also move a card (or sequence) to an empty spot but only if they are of the same suit. Click on the closed deck (bottom left) to deal new cards.

Depending on difficulty, cards with one, two or four suits can be used. More suits - more difficult the way to play. Firstly, we present you Spider with one suit.

The incomplete sequences of one suit can be moved.

it is possible to put any card in free cell.

A new number of cards is appeared when you click on a pack.

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