Solitaire Klondike

Solitaire (also known as " Klondike") is an ancient solitaire. It is played using one pack with 52 cards. You can use the right button of your mouse to get opened cards which are on the desktop, into the house. The number of pack's scrollings is unlimited in our version of this solitaire. You need to try to spread out all cards for the minimum quantity of the course.

Rules of Solitaire Klondike

What to do in this game

In this solitaire you need to take away all your cards into 4 houses (there are 4 empty slots above your desktop).

On a table these cards are dragged at each on other such way: the black jack can be put on the red queen. Red ten is on the black jack and etc. Generally, any card from the table (including those ones from the house) can be put on a card of bigger advantage and other color. In Solitaire/Klondike there are two colors - black and red, when you drag cards on your table, that's why in case, if you collect small packs on the table, suit of the cards must be alternated. The cards are put by colors into the house.

Above cards are put to the house in the following order: At first, ace, then - two, three.... king.

It is possible to put only king on an empty small pack (a pack without cards) on the table.

You can move all the small opened pack on the table, as if ten is on the jack, nine is on ten, eight is on nine so you can transfer all these eight, nine, ten and jack.

The right button of a mouse is an automatic assistant. Click using the right button of your mouse and opened cards on the table, which has to get to the house will depart there automatically. For example, ace is in the house, and on the table there is open two - use right button of your mouse and two departs to the house and lays down on the ace.

The pack is scrolled unlimited numbers of time, so completely open pack comes back.

Features Of Our Game.

We added new functionality to solitaire Klondike turn three, you won't find it anywhere using online services - a solitaire game is on full screen! This function is very convenient, especially for owners of laptops whose small screens don't always have all contents of web page.

Our game is a cross-platform, so you can play it as on computer as on smart phone (iphone or android).

Our solitaire Klondike always has a right final conclusion. Even our solitaire Spider with 4 suits has also such way of ending .

To play our solitaire Klondike you can be absolutely free of charge.

The click on the right button of your mouse allows you to deal automatically already opened cards to the house.

You can safe a deal of cards if you plan to finish it later (for example, on your way back from work using smart phone)

Registration of users allows you to participate in rating with other players. You can see the most popular and most difficult deals and try to improve their results.

The full list of our counters of solitaire Klondike

Card's Convergence Of Solitaire Klondike

There is one opinion that any solitaire can convergence using correct folding. No, it's definitely wrong and if you take a pack and spread it out on a table in 7 small packs from 1 to 7 cards and the rest of them you put nearby, so you will have many deals before you have converged even one of them.

There is a mathematical model which we use in card's deal, where our solitaire Klondike always converge (almost 99%). Though, we write that it's 100% and it is not absolutely true.

More About Convergence Of Solitaires

The Strategies Of The Game

To converge solitaire you need to follow some rules: 1) Don't spread the cards from a pack on the first empty place on a table. You need to think before, sometimes it is better to leave the card in the pack. 2) At first, try to move cards on already opened table. If you have black seven in the pack, and you have already opened black seven on the table and red eight, so first of all, you need to move black seven from the table on the black eight.

More details about strategy in solitaire Klondike

Different Kinds of solitaire Klondike

This game is divided into types of card's deal (using 1 or 3 cards). Moreover, it's divided into purpose - in our case we do rating on the basis of quantity of the courses and spending time.

If you are tired to spread Klondike, try to play solitaire Spider!

And there are more kinds of a solitaire Klondike

General Rules Of Solitaire Klondike

The purpose of this game is to spread cards out by suits: from ace to king in four small packs (sometimes they are called basic or "houses"). The card can be moved on to another with a higher rang, but with another color (black or red). In each of four basic small packs (houses) on which it is necessary to spread all cards out , at first, you need to put aces, then two, three and so on up to king. Cards can be handed over one by one from closed small pack which is on the left side or use three cards, depending on modification of the game. On an empty space it is possible to put only king. A purpose of the game is to spread out all the cards into four small packs on higher suits ,beginning from ace, so all the cards of the same suit will be in one small pack.