May, 2017 - Rating Of Players

You often wrote us about decreasing of rating points. We tried to explain you about summation of points for the last 30 days, but questions had still remained. Therefore, we have decided to remake a system of rating calculation and to change it on monthly summation as you will understand this variant better. Now from the beginning of every month a new tournament will start, where each player has equal chances to win the first place of our Chart.

February, 2017 - Results

Our players always want to know more about a deal of solitaire, which they collect at present. For this purpose we added the reference to the results' table for a specific deal. An information with a deal of solitaire shows the difficulty, the quantity of collected and given out times, and also, the table with information about players who have already collected it.

We, also, show a record of each deal under the left menu, where it doesn't matter the guest has put it or the player as now you have an opportunity to see the results of the complete table.

January, 2017 - Feedback And Display Of Rating

When we entered the system of correspondence between players and our website we had received the answers on such questions as rating, mistakes and solitaires. It is very pleasant for us to read your recalls. We work very attentively and try to realize all your offers in our online solitaires.

Also, we have already changed the rating display which won't decrease in any case. We have corrected a problem with points (since this time they will only increase and the historical rating will be shown. But we will continue to calculate the winner using the points gathered for the last 30 days). We have added a side play for cards. We have also changed some frightening phrases about solitaire retaking :) The best result in a deal - No, we can't count it. But soon we will make the results of each deal and a conclusion of all who brought it together, when and what was the result. In general, there will be a table with a full deal information.

We make the rating of players, considering the results of 30 days of a play, because we want to add competitiveness and honesty. If we made it using the basis of historical rating, to be honest, the beginner would be very difficult to break the record of the player who registered on our website a few years ago, and it would be almost impossible. That's why you all have the great opportunity to take the top of our Chart within one month. If you collect a simple solitaire (Solitaire, Spider with one suit, Simple Cipher) and you become a winner in a specific deal, you will receive 10 points. The second place will give you 9 points, the third one - 8 points. For the 10th place and further you will get 1 point. For solitaires: Solitaire Klondike with 3 cards, Spider with 2 suits, Freecell and Classical Cipher you will receive for each collected deal: 20 points for the first place, 18 points for the second, 16 points for the third... 2 points for the 10th place or further. Spider with 4 suits - 40 points for the first place, 36 points for the second... the 10th place and further - 4 points.

The places in the deal are chosen according to minimum quantity of the courses.

If you sum all the points from solitaires which you have collected for the last 30 days, it will be the current rating. These results are shown at the first places. The historical rating shows how many points have you received when you collect our solitaires (We made some changes because of the player's requests . Now in the top of the historical rating you can see the main sum of your points for all time of your game play here. The Top will be defined according the rating within 30 days).

December, 2016 - New Deals For Solitaires

We have noticed that our regular customers collected all generated deals in some categories. To tell the truth, to collect a limited quantity of solitaires twice is not so attractive. Therefore, we added new deals and seriously changed a generation algorithm. Now for solitaires such as Spider with 2 suits and Spider with 4 suits we give our new deals, concluding essential variability, which helps to do the process of the game more interesting. You can use different ways for the same deal, and it will have a new look every time.

We wish you good luck and, in advance, we ask you to forgive us for some difficulties or impossibilities in your new deal's collecting.

October, 2016 - Improvements Of Prompts

In difficult solitaires, such as Spider with four suits, it is more convenient to play with prompts. We made a number of improvements in Spider prompts to spend you less courses and to get better advices from our artificial intelligence. Also, we improved the prompts in "Spider with two suits". We wish you a pleasant game.

September, 2016 - "Cipher"

We have finished to develop a solitaire named Cipher and we want you to enjoy this game.

Read rules here and try to play Cipher Light or Cipher Standard.

For fans of Cipher we also prepare a difficult kind of solitaire which will have more numbers of mixing, and at the same time, you will have to move your cards in other direction.

August, 2016 - Improvements And Additions

We actively develop a new solitaire. So we introduce you the flash version of a solitaire Cipher, but in the nearest future it will be a game with rating here.

We added the information of the best result under each solitaire. If it is collected by the guest, the quantity of the courses will be displayed only, if the best result is collected by our registered user, you will also see the name of this hero. Also, we corrected a lack of rating calculation and made sum of points only for the last month (if you saw considerable rating downgrade, you don't need to worry about, it means that everybody were decreased, because we had rolled away the results of 30 days)

June, 2016 - The New In "Spider"

When we read the feedbacks of our players we had corrected a lack in the Spider which consisted of impossibility to shift cards on an empty cell if the king had laid before on this place. Moreover, an important feature of this problem was the fact that the problem arose only at a rearrangement on the king of a collected small pack of cards from queen, jack... and finishing with ace.

Thanks for your feedbacks, you help us to do our online solitaires better.

May, 2016 - Rating Of Players

Since May, 2016 we have started the calculation of our players' rating which counts from the place in each concrete deal of any solitaires. We sum all points of each player for the last 30 days.

Players who collect any deal in Solitaire ( in Simple Cipher in 36 cards, in Spider with one suit) receive 10 points for the minimum quantity of the courses. For the second place - 9 points... For the 10th place and further - 1 point.

For the Solitaire Klondike with 3 cards, Spider with 2 suits, Freecell and Standard Cipher (52 cards) - 20 points, 18... 2 points.

For Spider with 4 cards - 40 points, 36 points... 4 points.

Soon you will see your online back office in which we will show you not only the whole rating, but also the top of each online solitaire.

April, 2016 - "Freecell"

Freecell is considered to be a solitaire which has better convergence of each casual deal. The casual deal is not some verified combination of cards on the table, but it can be any of them. You can take a pack of cards and lay out it on the table as in Freecell and to try to spread it out . In 99% of such cases you will be able to make it, as exactly in this solitaire all cards you can see on the table and the most important thing is proficiency of the player, but not just a case.

About "" And Free Solitaires

The solitaire which sometimes also called "Klondike" is familiar to each user, at least, once, killing his free time at the computer with the Windows operating system. The same information we can say about other type of solitaire named "Spider".

Really, a lot of people prefer these fascinating games - from housewives to office workers. But what to do if you want to spend your free time with favourite solitaire, but you have only a smart phone or a pad? You can do it online on our website!

Best Free "Solitaire" And "Freecell' Are Online Now!

In our "Solitaire Klondike" you can scroll a pack of cards for free with an unlimited number of times, make the movement back in case of an unsuccessful deal. Registration on our website is voluntary, it allows you to participate in the rating of the best players (our Top). If you successfully play and Solitaire is done, you will have an opportunity to share result with your friends, and of course, to invite them on our website to check their power and revived old customs, as this gambling appeared because of the first OS of the Windows family.

Our website online version of gamblings was made by JavaScript. In addition to the convenient interface and absolutely free of charge, all of them have one powerful advantage is that the games always have right decisions. It is provided not only because of mathematical model, but also crowd sourcing.

It doesn't mean that any of your games surely wins. Nevertheless, probability that your solitaire will win using a correct strategy is many times higher, than in standard "Solitaire". But what strategy is correct?

How To Play With 1 and 3 Cards In "Solitaire Klondike"?

The principle of a card solitaire is very simple: it is necessary to place all pack in a certain order with 52 cards in 4 slots (houses). At the same time initially a part of cards is in a pack and another part is on a table in the form of the closed pack of cards.

You can move cards, making columns over packs, alternating cards of black and red suits. The principle of making: in houses - from ace to king, in columns - from king (or other card, smaller one in its seniority) to ace.

In process of cards' pack opening you send cards to houses, and in case of missing the possible courses on a table, you look through the pack. Depending on what kind of a game you have chosen, each click on a pack gives you 1 or 3 cards. The correct location of cards in columns and their correct moving to the houses also allows to put online a solitaire very easily and quickly.

You will find more details and full description of each gambling in appropriate section of our website due to find how to play more professionally and to learn more about different kinds of solitaires. To know more about the basic principles of winning strategy, you need to follow the general recommendations:

  1. Think position of each card. It is sometimes much more favorable to leave the card in a pack than to send her to a table.
  2. Cards moving in columns and opening of small packs is more priority than simple forming of columns from the cards taken from a pack.
  3. Try to open cards evenly in all small card packs, otherwise a large number of the closed cards in one of them can complicate a further game.

However, there are no actually special tricks in this game, so you will quickly understand what strategy will lead you to the victory in each case. With "Spider", "Solitaire Klondike" And "Freecell" Will Always Be With You!

In our website you will be able to spend your free time using favourite free solitaire, even it doesn't matter if you use a computer, a smart phone or a pad for this. The popular "Solitaire" is available absolutely free for you, and after the simple procedure of registration you can compare the results of other players who participate in the general rating!

It is also important that when you become a registered user, you can configure some settings according to the preferences, for example, type of card deal (with one or three) or change an exterior surface of a pack. Besides, you will always be able to continue the game if you had to interrupt it earlier for some reason.

Are you tired of "Solitaire"? In our website it is also possible to play a solitaire "Spider with 2 suits" or Freecell! Of course, rules of this game can seem to you more difficult, but it is enough to spend 5 minutes for their studying, and you will easily learn how to win.

Play your favourite gamblings with great pleasure on and win the first places in the rating of the most skilled players of our website!